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[Comments] (4) Scientist and Penguin: Another sitcom day apparently. Sumana and I seem to have invented a role-playing game where we make up a sitcom and then act out an episode, plot further episodes, figure out when it jumps the shark, etc. Today the sitcom was called "Scientist and Penguin". I was the penguin.

One episode involved me having eaten the fish the scientist was saving for a research station party, and having to go catch more before six o'clock, when the other scientists showed up. Then there was a sort of body-swap episode where I got the skills and worldview of a scientist but none of the domain knowledge. The show jumped the shark when we introduced a spy (nosy neighbor) who was always trying to prove that I was in fact a penguin.

Oh yeah, the worst part was my catchphrase: "I'm a penguin!" This always got a huge (canned) laugh even though it's one of the worst catchphrases imaginable. And of course it didn't help the show's position w/r/t the shark that at least once an episode I flat-out announced the thing that the spy was always trying and failing to prove.


Posted by Sumana at Sun Dec 16 2007 21:55

Anybody want a podcast?

Prior art of sorts:

Posted by Susie at Sun Dec 16 2007 22:19

hee hee! love that you are proving what the spy can't.

Posted by Brendan at Mon Dec 17 2007 02:38

I want a podcast!

Posted by Camilla at Mon Dec 17 2007 12:16

Best. Idea. Ever.

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