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[Comments] (1) Flag Patents: Did you know that you can patent the design for a flag? I discovered this doing research for The Future: A Retrospective and there's one jaw-dropping patented flag that I'm saving for the forthcoming entry, but I thought I'd share a few others with you.

This American flag shows the actual states instead of abstract stars. This flag has another flag on it. This one is like a See's Candy sampler of other flags. Nobody ever patents a simple design for a flag. Hopefully your flag patent also covers more competent renditions of the same image.

One popular theme is a "peace flag". Here's one from 1919 and here's one from 2003. Or if you prefer war there's a war on terrorism flag.

The Iowa state flag was patented in 1921, by Dixie Gebhardt, presumably a relative of Dick Gebhardt.

Maybe you'd like to texture-map flags onto non-flat surfaces? Like shoes? Here's one you can wear on your ponytail.

What happens to politicians' mandatory flag pins in times of national crisis? You need the half-staff flag label pin!

I've been drifting away from specific flag designs, so here are a few more. Why not put a comic strip on your flag? This guy filed a whole bunch of patents for new arrangements of the stars on the American flag.

Most of the patented flags are pretty bad, but these two are cool, and have birds on them: dove, eagle.


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