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: Thanks to the miracle of self-selection, if you read my weblog you probably know aobut Nethack's database of quotes and literary references. What I didn't find out until today is that Aardy DeVarque has assembled a similar list of literary sources for first edition D&D. I had no idea so much of that stuff came from one Poul Anderson novel.

: I put up pictures from Backup Thanksgiving. Mostly pictures of us doing Powerpoint Karaoke.

Incidentally, the reason I haven't put up many pictures recently is that I stuck all my photos into F-Spot, which it turns out is really slow to load when there are 5000 pictures in its database. Should I use something else?

: I'm on a low-grade roll, and put up October's pictures from Viable Paradise. This one really shows the mechanics of how VP improves your writing..


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