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Mutual of Omaha's RESTful Kingdom: My excellent reviewer Aron Roberts found a very strange web service: the NEEScentral Web Services API. It's designed for earthquake engineers, a shadowy lot whose job is never fully defined—do they prevent, detect, or cause? The RESTful service gives resource-oriented access to an earthquake engineer's sinister "Project"s, which are full of "SensorLocationPlan"s and "Material"s and "SimilitudeLaw"s. I have no idea what the words mean in this context, but I understand the interface perfectly well.

Aron calls this "a well considered example of a discipline-specific API, far outside the more typical realms of computing, e-commerce, and social software." I'll add that it's odd to see a page full of jargon, half of which you understand and half of which is totally opaque.

: Am I crazy, or is White Noise almost word-for-word a book Philip K. Dick would write?


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