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[Comments] (2) London: In London. We saw many interesting things in India, including monkeys, a juggernaut, and (I'm pretty sure) a cop being bribed with a coconut. Also things that I took pictures of. I've learned enough Kannada to refuse offers of food. We're currently planning activities for London, so if you're Kevan and I haven't called you back that's why.


Posted by Nick Moffitt at Wed Mar 14 2007 05:39

Sweet robotic kittens! I *live* in London!

We should meet up, time permitting. I could even return your copy of Twisty Little Passages if you like (which I enjoyed greatly).

If you're looking for a good way to see London, I recommend the London Walks tours.

Posted by Rachel at Sun Mar 18 2007 14:10

Now that I think of it, how to refuse offers of food was some of the first Serbian I learned: I'm full, no more, I'm getting fat, NO THANK YOU.


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