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[Comments] (5) : Currently in final crunch mode for the book. The cover is revealed! The animal is a carnivorous marsupial called the vulpine phalanger.

The real drop-dead date for book changes is the day it goes off to be indexed. Garrison Keillor told a story once about a guy who spent his life creating a concordance to Ulysses, and then they found the missing page 22 from Ulysses and rendered all his work usel[y]ess.


Posted by Riana at Wed Mar 28 2007 18:15

THAT IS A MADE-UP NAME. I believe this "carnivorous marsupial" is in fact a ferret, and you have been duped by the small, secretive Cover Animal Squad at O'Reilly.

Posted by Leonard at Wed Mar 28 2007 18:21

Go fetch me a metric crescent wrench and a vulpine phalanger!

Posted by Susie at Wed Mar 28 2007 23:36

a cute book!

Posted by Alyson at Thu Mar 29 2007 14:33

Yay, Leonard!

Posted by Rachel at Wed Apr 04 2007 19:05

there are books where the indexes are wrong (very annoying)


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