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[Comments] (6) Import/Export: Some of the gifts we've been asked over the years to find for relatives in India:

PS: Sumana officially expresses her frustration at the general desire to send these things via courier as people make trips back and forth, rather than using the mail.


Posted by Rachel at Thu May 17 2007 00:21

tea? really? *scoffs at american tea*

Posted by jaacob at Thu May 17 2007 04:02

maybe i'm out of line here, but do your indian relatives a favor and don't buy them sweatpants.

Posted by Nick Moffitt at Thu May 17 2007 04:43

But jaacob, perhaps they enjoy sweating!

Posted by susie at Mon May 21 2007 12:10

Here is a free sample of such:

Posted by susie at Mon May 21 2007 12:11



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