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[Comments] (3) The Future: A Retrospective: I've started a new pseudo-weblog, called The Future: A Retrospective. It's based on a 1989 book of predictions about future consumer products. Every day I review another prediction and see what's happened to the people and technologies since 1989. Actually, that's what it looks like to you. In truth, most days I do absolutely nothing, and once in a while I fill in the backlog. Just like a webcomic!

I've seeded TF:AR with the first five items in the book, including the frickin' Smart House and one of my favorites, the Walking TV.


Posted by Susie at Mon Jun 11 2007 22:15

What does this book have to say about Dippin' Dots?

Posted by Leonard at Mon Jun 11 2007 22:26

They are not mentioned, thankfully.


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