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[Comments] (4) : John le Carré should write a novelization of Spy vs. Spy.


Posted by jaacob at Thu Jun 14 2007 01:10

there's a screenplay floating around for a spy vs spy movie, and obviously i read a good chunk of it. the best part is when someone calls someone else a "murky jerkloaf". actually, i can only assume that was the best part, as that's the only part i can remember. actually, maybe this was a dream.

Posted by Leonard at Thu Jun 14 2007 14:25

Hollywood.com says a SvS adaptation is in the works, a story about "spies who no longer have a job now that the Cold War is over." Hey, that was my spy screenplay idea.

Posted by ..- -. -.-. .-.. . .--. . -.. .-. --- at Fri Jun 15 2007 05:31

so like, when the one spy dies, he gets replaced for the next sequel but the other guy comes back.


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