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[Comments] (3) : Wrote about 8000 words today, which is a huge amount except it wasn't fiction. It was entries for an upcoming pseudo-weblog project for which I want to have a big backlog. The writing work is pretty exhausting and I'm only about 15% done (the pseudo-weblog will run for almost a year). I'd rather get most of it over with up front than have to scramble later on and introduce delays.


Posted by mikepop at Mon Jun 04 2007 08:38

feel free to take any words I've put out there if it will help :)

Posted by Leonard at Mon Jun 04 2007 10:31

Mike, sorry, but I must walk this road alone.

Pseudo-weblog because it's a series of items and I want to hold audience attention by putting one up every day instead of the whole thing at once.


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