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[Comments] (3) : Sumana went off to work on a farm and I suddenly became extremely lazy. I've spent the past two days doing not much but playing old DOS games. However I think the DOS game bug has now passed. Here's my new plan: I've got six songs recorded that you haven't seen unless I've shown them to you. I'm going to go to sleep now and when I wake up I'm going to try and record one or two more.

Then I'll have enough stuff to release a little album, pretty much ten years to the day since the release of Nowhere Standard Time. (I don't know when exactly it was, as NYCB archives don't go back that far and July 1997 is missing from my mail archive. It doesn't matter. Stop tearing apart your ARCHIVE directory looking for the exact date, me. PS: I was still working on it on 7/14. That's as close as I got.

Speaking of NST: before she went to commune with the cabbages, Sumana bunched up the video I shot on my California trip (most of it shot by accident), and turned it into a music video for NST's "Relativity". It's the all-time second Google Video You Can Bruise. Enjoy it, if you can.

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Posted by susie at Tue Jul 17 2007 20:59

I am lazy when John is going, but usually just about cooking for myself.

Posted by susie at Tue Jul 17 2007 21:01

I like your video. Were you really camping?

Posted by Leonard at Wed Jul 18 2007 06:05

Yes, you can see pictures here. However I was camping on the lawn of an office building, not out in the woods or anything.


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