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[Comments] (5) : OK, here you go. The new album is Omne Animal Triste and it's got nine songs you've probably not heard before. Blaaah!

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Posted by Caleb Wilson at Thu Jul 19 2007 00:21

I really like Butter With Bulletproof Wings.

(Congrats on Viable Paradise. I'm at Clarion right now.)

Posted by Joe at Fri Jul 27 2007 05:51

I am really digging Terrestrial Minds & Mattress King - the drums really make that song.

Posted by Leonard at Sun Jul 29 2007 01:40

I was hoping someone would notice the complicated drums on Mattress King!

Posted by Joe at Wed Aug 01 2007 16:39

Was it all done using the drum machine? I'd swear they sound live on that track.

Posted by Leonard at Wed Aug 01 2007 17:05

Yeah, I'll send you the Hydrogen file if you want.


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