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[Comments] (2) : Not enough people and things are "the celebrated". Basically the only thing that's "the celebrated" is the jumping frog of Calaveras County. But almost anything that's appreciated by a medium-sized group of people can be described as "the celebrated". Or you can just declare something "the celebrated" by fiat, like Mark Twain did.


Posted by Greg Knauss at Sun Jul 29 2007 02:37

I bought theincomparable.com from someone recently, with a vague idea of comparing who is more incomparable. Near as I can tell, British actors over sixty are far and away the most incomparable.

Posted by Zack at Mon Jul 30 2007 19:49

Unrelated complaint: "The Future: A Retrospective" isn't updating right. New subpage links get added to the main page daily but the actual content isn't there. (I guess I'm the only one reading it?)

Also, "remember this information" still doesn't work.


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