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: Crummy has been moved! I took the opportunity to clean up and reorganize the past ten years' worth of stuff. In particular, the writing directory is the new home for a lot of stuff that was previously scattered all over the place. Over the next couple of days I'll be continuing the cleanup, putting up some things that got lost before making it onto the site, and things that used to be up and I want to put back.

Adam Parrish said he hoped that my redesign would not destroy the aspect of Crummy where you can just click around and see random weird things. Well, there are still lots of links, so I'm assuming it'll be fine.

I haven't reuploaded some of the mega-bandwidth-sucking files, and some of those I might not put back at all. In particular, I think the world might have had enough of the early works of Jake Berendes and Jeremy Bruce. Tell you what, I'll trade you an album of my own musical ephemera. Coming soon!

Crummy weblog authors and others: let me know if you have any problems.

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