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Dave: After many years of hearing about Dave from Sumana, we watched it tonight. I don't think it's aged very well. At the beginning I was thinking, "Well, this president sure is a jerk, and he cheats on his wife, but at least he didn't start a disastrous war or have people tortured." Then it just got unbelievable. I think The West Wing has greatly raised the level of procedural accuracy I expect from fiction about the government. On the plus side, Frank Langella reprised (preprised?) his role from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Ah, it was fun just to watch him be evil.

While looking up Frank Langella I discovered that there's now a Star Trek wiki for non-canon information from licensed books, video games, etc. Now you can create a Mirror Universe version of your Trek RPG character! I hear that sourcebook has a great facial hair roll chart.


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