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[Comments] (2) : Time to plug my other weblog again. "Hey! Robot dog here!"

Unrelated: "It's like watching home movies of Lwaxana Troi."


Posted by Zack at Mon Sep 24 2007 18:36

Still tremendously enjoying these. I see what appears to be a typo though: "...unlike a supermarket employee, you can't be trusted to bag an item without scanning it." I think you meant "... can't be trusted NOT to bag an item without scanning it."

Also, "remember this information" still doesn't work. Grouse grouse.

Posted by Susie at Tue Sep 25 2007 12:06

I found a typo under Self-Improvement Chamber: "but the while idea seems kind of sketchy" I think you mean "whole"

As you we wondering under Automatic Pool Cover, pool covers are quite a concern for drowning.

I laughed a lot; you're funny!


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