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[Comments] (11) : Sumana and I were talking about whether or not science fiction writers had envisioned second-order effects of personal computers, like screen savers. Discussion was somewhat limited by the fact that neither of us could even think of anyone writing an SF story about the personal computer before it showed up in hardware. The usually-helpful Technovelgy doesn't help much here (it does say there is a pocket computer in The Mote in God's Eye, a year before the Altair). As has already been established this is exactly the kind of thing I don't know, so I'm sure my readers can provide lots of interesting examples.

I'm specifically interested in stories where a computer is assigned to or owned by a relatively average person, regardless of the computer's size or power. All we can think of is people going to the computing center to use the monolithic communal computer, using the shared ship's computer, etc. Of course, the easy solution is to update all those old stories by simply appending ".com" to the monolithic computer's ACRONYMAC name.


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