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[Comments] (5) : Sumana is back! She says, "We should sponsor a Summer of Code project where we pay young hackers to write ports of robotfindskitten. We could call it Summer of Kitten."

Who else is in my house? IT'S SETH DAVID SCHOEN.


Posted by Jeremy Penner at Wed Jan 16 2008 00:45

There are still platforms on which robotfindskitten doesn't run?

Posted by Riana at Wed Jan 16 2008 01:40

Hello, I'm Seth David Schoen. Where do you keep the clean towels? I'm Seth David Schoen.

Posted by Nick Moffitt at Wed Jan 16 2008 03:44

Glad to see that Seth got the head reattached! It's also looking very well, even compared to the ASCII version!

Posted by Susie at Wed Jan 16 2008 10:49

You sound like a preschool TV show.

Posted by Claudia at Wed Jan 16 2008 14:43

But Sumana is allergic to kittens!

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