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[Comments] (2) : My talk went well. Plus, no jet lag since I crashed right after my flight.

Mike Popovic has launched a new weblog, Grok Robots (I talked him down from the less mellifluent "Grokking Robots".) The topic: ROBOTS. I know there's not a lot of robot discussion on NYCB, but that's mostly because my robot-related interests diverge from most peoples'. I don't really care about the analogy between robots and people, but I do like robots that are very different from people. Spacecraft, or robots designed for special purposes like finding kittens. I can only hope that Mike will not neglect this field of robotology.

Which reminds me that I wish I could tell you about Andrew's golem story from last week's SF writing group. Best golem design ever! And I know of many golems.


Posted by Randall Bohn at Thu Feb 28 2008 10:03

Ah yes, the old 'crash the jet, avoid jetlag' remedy.

(Google Reader truncated this to 'no jetlag since I crashed...')

Posted by Fafner at Thu Feb 28 2008 13:31

Speaking of robots, I don't suppose you and S. would be up for going to Nerd Nite next Thursday (March 6th) with me (Mirabai -- we met for Dim Sum a few weeks ago when Moss and Julia were in town) and K.? There's a talk on Horror Comic Books from the 1950s and then this:

"Presentation #2:
BEAM Robots: Insects of the Robot Kingdom
By Rob Lockhart

Description: BEAM is a relatively new movement in robotics which produces robots with incredible complexity using very simple analog circuits. This field, which was pioneered by Mark Tilden (who also invented the Robosapien toy), mimics the structure of organic nervous systems, but can be made easily by anyone with $10 and a soldering iron.

Bio: Rob Lockhart is a person with nearly $11 and a soldering iron. He teaches robotics for kids and adults at Robot Village on the upper west side."

From the other lectures we've been to, it's probably aimed at a fairly low level of prior knowledge on the subject, so it might be too elementary for you. On the other hand, it's likely to be a bouncy, light-hearted affair, and the crowd is generally pretty enthusiastic. Say the word, if y'all are up for it. Needless to say, anyone else who reads this thread is welcome to stop by and say howdy. I'll be the short butch chick in glasses wearing the "I Know Regular Expressions" shirt. (Yeah, I know I wore that the last time I saw you. But goddamnit, I love that shirt.)

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