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[Comments] (5) English Pub Names: By me and Rachel. Presented free of charge.

There were a bunch more that I don't remember; maybe Rachel does. Searching reveals two of these to be actual pub names.


Posted by Susie at Mon Mar 03 2008 22:53

Which two? I am guessing 1 and 4

Posted by Nick Moffitt at Tue Mar 04 2008 02:55

I'd guess the last two, myself.

This country is full of pubs named "The King's Arms" or "The King's Head" or similar. I've been struck by the desire to open a pub named "The King's Feet" or "The King's Rump".

Posted by anonymous at Wed Mar 05 2008 10:45

I would say....#3 and #4. I'm not sure that a small business owner would put "damned" or "unready" in reference to the name of their pub.

The last one is a maybe, but I can't find "boadicea" in the os-x dictionary. Maybe its a derivitive of bodice...

Posted by Evan at Wed Mar 05 2008 10:46

Gah! The above was me ^^^^

Posted by Leonard at Wed Mar 05 2008 11:11

I didn't intend for this to become a guessing game so I'll just reveal the answers: it's Edward the Confessor (apparently a fairly tough pub that was closed down in 2006) and the Queen Boadicea, a more posh local.

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