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[Comments] (1) Dwarf Fortress Variant: Yesterday I thought of a new mode for Dwarf Fortress. In this mode you play an individual dwarf, as in the Roguelike mode, but instead of exploring ruins solo you're part of a running fortress. So this could be something you could drop into and out of in fortress mode; possess one of your dwarves and then jump back into planning the economy when neccessary.

Unfortunately I don't remember why I thought this mode would be fun. The only thing I remember deciding is that it was important your character be someone who'd created an artifact, but this was for story reasons. The other dwarves are willing put up with an artiste artifact-creator type wandering around doing random stuff instead of working.


Posted by Zack at Mon Mar 24 2008 22:27

I finally remembered why this sounds familiar: Dungeon Keeper had this mode. You could take control of any single monster and make it run around the dungeon. It was relatively useless, because (a) it also switched you from overhead isometric view to a Castle Wolfenstein-like fake 3D view and it was really easy to get lost, and (b) all you could do was run around the dungeon; none of the monster's other abilities were usable.

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