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: Went to MoMA with Sumana, Zack, and Pam to see the "Design & the Elastic Mind" exhibit, which was like the Wired Nextfest except cool and with a crowd instead of a line. While I was there I reacquainted myself with the Three Standard Stoppages. Once you know the secret it is indeed pretty obvious, though they don't let you see the verso sides.

I keep having to go through Shearer's papers and my own researches to look up the alleged problems with the readymades. I did verify that the windows in Fresh Widow open in the wrong direction. MoMA had a replica of In Advance of the Broken Arm and I couldn't see the problem, but it turns out there's nothing wrong with the replica. Shearer claims there's something wrong with the original, but as often happens I can't find a high-res copy of the original photo to decide for myself. I should make a convenient web page that lists the allegations.

Oh, they also had Tu m' borrowed from Yale and stuck into an exhibit on color, so I've now caught the proverbial all.


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