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[Comments] (2) : "Sometimes it in buyer's requirement that "Beautiful Soup" should be used in the Python spider". Who are these mysterious "buyer"s? Contract one-off scraping jobs arranged through developer-for-hire sites?


Posted by Evan at Thu Mar 27 2008 08:48

In the style of Murakami's short-story-writing protagonists:

"Our hero mostly made his way by one-off screen scrape jobs. The pay wasn't what he was accustomed to, but Beautiful Soup did most of the work anyway. His last job was to scrape cooking websites for recipes involving miso; the buyer was a small publishing outfit run by a wealthy housewife.
She didn't seem to care much about the recipes, or cooking in general. The working title, 'Me So Miso' , was the only buyer's requirement."

Posted by Subeen at Mon Mar 31 2008 12:46

The Mysterious buyers are from freelancing sites. Sometimes they explicitly mention that 'beautiful soup' needs to be used.

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