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[Comments] (4) : Doing taxes is like playing a really unrewarding computer RPG. You go to fill out one form and it turns out to have been hewed into three forms in ancient times, and you have to run around collecting all the pieces. Then to get one piece there's a mini-boss in the form of a hideous worksheet. I guess what I'm saying is, bah.


Posted by Susie at Fri Mar 28 2008 10:47

That's a great analogy.

Posted by John at Fri Mar 28 2008 12:22

Welcome to my world. And if you think tracking down all the pieces is difficult, try explaining to someone who is clueless what the pieces you need are, why you need them, how you need them, why what they sent previously is inappropriate and garbage, and that the return due date doesn't change just because they take a long time to find it!

Posted by Leonard at Fri Mar 28 2008 14:24

I've got all my data. I'm just talking about filling out the _forms_.

Posted by John at Fri Mar 28 2008 18:04

Good thing filling out the forms is so annoying to most people. Or I wouldn't have a job!

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