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[Comments] (6) Mallory: At last! On the auspicious first day of April, Futurismic has published my first story, "Mallory"! Read it and/or weep. This is why I've been thinking so much lately about intertextuality in games. Futurismic blurb:

[T]his one has got everything. Seriously - geek hackers and classic arcade games, electronic Darwinism and domestic espionage, venture capital and Valley-esque start-ups … and a healthy dose of intellectual property panic. Leonard Richardson’s Futurismic début is quite a piece of work!

The story was written in 2006 and it takes place in 2007 (alternate universe, natch), so it's already experienced the old-science-fiction effect where parts of it are obsolete and other parts still read like The Future. I'm also not really happy with the writing, just because I know I can do better now. Hopefully that's just the writer never being satisfied with his writing; I'm not crazy about the writing in the Ruby Cookbook either.

Anyway, check it out. You'll probably like it if you read this weblog and you didn't subscribe thinking I would be talking about REST all the time and are now reconsidering.


Posted by pedro at Tue Apr 01 2008 09:52

Way to go!

Posted by Riana at Tue Apr 01 2008 11:31

Fantastic! Congratulations, Leonard!

Posted by anonymous at Tue Apr 01 2008 14:56

Weyo took all the vc money and put it into hot rod accessories:


Congrats Leonard! No april fools this year!

Posted by Evan at Tue Apr 01 2008 14:57

^^^^^^ (this was by me, gah webforms)

Posted by jacob at Wed Apr 02 2008 14:07

congratulations! also, massive write up on blah blah:

Posted by Adam at Wed Apr 02 2008 17:51

Congrats! It really is a wonderful story, and I just read it again. Keep up the good work, and I hope your name becomes friggin synonymous with science fiction. You deserve nothing less.

Favorite line (still):
"She swallows whole any message not designed to resist her. The rest she cracks like lobsters: with brute force."

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