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[Comments] (3) : Another interesting use of April Fool's Day: Guncho, a multiuser hosting environment for interactive fiction, was announced on April first, complete with unrealistic details and jokey anagrammed name. Then on April second the unrealistic details were rescinded, like a wave rolling back from the beach, and what was left was something cool. So even people who demand trickery on AFD can enjoy it.

I was thinking Guncho would be a good platform for something Kevan was working on, I won't mention it because a quick scan doesn't show him announcing it, but he's probably thinking the same thing.


Posted by Adam P. at Sat Apr 05 2008 00:41

That is awesome. Do you know any of the details about how they did it? It almost seems like it could be a straightforward hack of an existing z-machine interpreter...

Posted by Leonard at Sat Apr 05 2008 12:52

It probably is a hack of an existing interpreter. The wiki (http://wiki.guncho.com/) makes it seem like it has an NPC for every person playing the game.

Posted by Rob at Mon Apr 07 2008 14:35

the link doesn't work.

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