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[Comments] (2) : It's odd, but when I have a full-time job and I waste a whole evening, I feel worse than when I don't have a job and I waste a whole day. I think it's because now I have to do a full day of work before I get another shot at the projects I was meaning to work on.


Posted by Rachel at Tue Apr 15 2008 05:36

I like to think of it as necessary relaxation. When I am finished "wasting time" I will awake from my stupor revitalized and ready to be twice as productive as before. In theory.

Posted by Adam at Tue Apr 15 2008 17:22

I agree with Rachel in principle, but I believe that the person whose time has been compromised (by themselves or others) is in the best position to judge what constitutes "waste."

The worst of all of these is to have a 7-day-a-week job, and to waste even 1 of the 2 hrs provided to you in the evenings to do your own thing. Can't wait until August.

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