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[Comments] (3) Best Seller: About 40% of the time when I go on the subway I share a car with a woman reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Statistically speaking that's a lot of books! Looking at Amazon reviews I see that it's been Oprahfied.

[Comments] (4) Lame Complaints: Astoria, the Queens neighborhood where we live, has worked out really well for us but I have a couple minor food-related complaints. Keep in mind these complaints are situations where it's as much work for me to get the complained-about thing as it was for me to get anything when I lived in San Francisco. So they're pretty lame, but I do have them.

I like an occasional croissant for breakfast, and there are bakeries near my house that make croissants, but the croissants are terrible. The taste like buttery sandwich rolls. These aren't French bakeries; they're Greek or Italian or Mexican. They're good for black-and-white cookies, but not croissants. And you can't really get a croissant from a coffee shop either. So I need to plan my croissant desires for the weekend where I can go into Manhattan and enjoy some of the world's best croissants (eg. City Bakery's bizarre pretzel croissants). Which is probably just as well, but I'd prefer to have the option of spontaneity.

The second thing is cheese. There are places in Astoria where you can get good cheese, for instance a deli on 30th Avenue whose name I don't remember that makes their own really good mozzarella variant. But all the places are Italian or Greek places and they just sell Italian or Greek cheese. I like a cosmopolitan cheese selection so again I save up my cheese-buying urges for the weekend and go to Whole Foods. Though I guess if I was serious about cheese there's probably some fromagierie in the Village I should be attending, but Whole Foods is near the farmer's market.

So, that's pretty much it food-wise. Everything else is fine, until of course the world runs out of food altogether. Tonight we went back to Mojave, the southwestern resturant, and it was still great. We walked back home to perform research for this entry, investigating rumors of a French bakery laughably called "Le Croissant Shoppe". The address turned out to be an apartment building. There's a "Le Croissant Shoppe" in Manhattan so there was probably a screen-scraping or knowledge-synthesis accident that dropped it into Astoria.


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