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[Comments] (3) Best Seller: About 40% of the time when I go on the subway I share a car with a woman reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Statistically speaking that's a lot of books! Looking at Amazon reviews I see that it's been Oprahfied.


Posted by Susie at Thu Apr 24 2008 20:13

Hmm I thought I was seeing that everywhere too.

Posted by Evan Baer at Fri Apr 25 2008 00:30

That book is so totally F train.

(although I see it from time to time, too, on the 2/3)

I have no idea what its about and I'm not going to googleit. My guess? Its a foodtv / cook's tour type book, in the style of anthony bourdain.

Posted by rachel at Fri Apr 25 2008 06:38

this book came up yesterday in a conversation about travel writing with my couch surfer.

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