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Beautiful Soup 3.0.6: It's out. Basically I had a few hours to look at peoples' complaints to the mailing list, so you get a few bugfixes. Kind of a grind to be honest.

Ramping Up: Often when I talk with Evan the conversation comes around to Infinite Jest. I was researching some question we had about whether Joelle van Dyne could be thought of as Ophelia (answer: inconclusive), and came across this discussion of academic plagiarism and cheating, which includes Consumer Reports-style ranking of online paper-writing and -buying services. A custom-written paper on Infinite Jest cost $71.80. Too bad the paper doesn't make much sense (the topic itself doesn't make much sense, but the paper is worse).

PS: Ramps are back. This has been a public service announcement.

: I try not to be the sort of person who posts weblog entries about the latest episode of Battlestar Galactica, but I wanted to give episode writer Jane Espenson props for her excellent name-check of the Mithraic mystery cult.


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