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[Comments] (9) : I'm not really interested right now in writing the kind of weblog entry I usually write. I apologize since I assume you read my weblog for that kind of entry, but this is not some lame "I'm not going to write much for a while because I'm so busy.". I'm no busier than usual and I like writing, but at the moment I want to focus on creating new things and doing research. Most of my writing at the moment is fiction.

So here is the deal. If there's something interesting or helpful you think I could find out or create, tell me about it in a comment. I read a number of weblogs that do something similar (eg. waxy, Request Comics) and the results are always interesting.


Posted by Yatima at Thu May 08 2008 18:56

Space opera in the vein of The Eyes of Ceres, pitched as YA.

*whistles nonchalantly*

Posted by Fafner at Thu May 08 2008 19:58

I'd love to find someone willing to write some science fiction involving stenography. I wrote down a couple of ideas here, but there should be plenty more where they came from. It's a rich but untapped vein, if you ask me. Yeah, I'm biased, but I'm right.

Posted by Leonard at Thu May 08 2008 20:11

Not that I don't enjoy hearing ideas for fiction, but I'm talking about things I could do in a few hours or days and self-publish.

Posted by Leonard at Fri May 09 2008 09:12

Well, since I seem to have killed off the comments with my little clarification, go ahead and leave ideas for fiction too, but understand I'm not hurting for 'em.

Posted by Evan at Fri May 09 2008 11:41

An idea for research or actually maybe just an open question:

The memex machine* described by Vannevar Bush has inspired a number of projects along the lines of "record all my interactions with the world".
Is it a deep mistrust of one's subconscious that inspires someone to work on this sort of a project, a deeper desire to hold on to ephemeral things, or just a ramping up of the same knack that leads folks to keep 5+ years of e-mail history ("just in case..")?

Something that occurs to me - the opposite of memex machine would be the mind-erase "lacuna" technology
in that Michel Gondry movie a few years back, with Jim Carrey/Kate Winslet and that scene where Kirsten Dunst dances on a bed in her underwear.


Posted by Ben Heaton at Fri May 09 2008 17:17

I'd like to see a weblog entry based around counting types of objects in the room with you.

Posted by Evan at Fri May 09 2008 22:24

Oh wait I want to go again, I really liked Ben's request.

How about an entry of recent books bought, read, and/or stopped in mid-read?

For reference, see Nick Hornby's 'stuff i've been reading':

Posted by jacob p berendes at Sat May 10 2008 23:49

- no "e"

- tap water reviews

- ideas for a new accent for me to begin affecting

Posted by Ben Heaton at Mon May 12 2008 06:03

A specification of a game that you would love to play but hate to make, and/or a game that you would love to make but hate to play.

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