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[Comments] (6) Request Weblog #1: Bureau of Statistics: Ben Heaton requested: "I'd like to see a weblog entry based around counting types of objects in the room with you." Here it is.


Posted by Susie at Fri May 09 2008 20:12

I enjoyed that. You need to do laundry. =P

Posted by Leonard at Fri May 09 2008 20:16

It's mostly socks. They count double, you know.

Posted by Ben Heaton at Fri May 09 2008 21:35

This entry is everything I'd hoped for.

Posted by Evan at Fri May 09 2008 22:12

Someone get this man a rutabaga!

And some laundry detergent!

Posted by Nathaniel at Wed May 14 2008 04:46

...Where did you get a .9 gigabyte?

Posted by Leonard at Wed May 14 2008 09:16

I may have added the capacities of various flash memory cards.

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