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[Comments] (4) Keyboard Snoops: I'm interested in buying a wireless keyboard but it just seems like asking for trouble. They don't use very strong crypto. But nobody really seems to care. Any opinions?


Posted by Paul Wright at Tue May 13 2008 05:27

Bluetooth keyboards use stronger encryption. They tend to be more expensive, though.

Full disclosure: I work for a company that makes Bluetooth radios.

Posted by Leonard at Tue May 13 2008 09:08

I've not seen much evidence that Bluetooth keyboards work well with Linux. Can you speculate?

Posted by drewp at Tue May 13 2008 23:51

So what's your proposed scenario where a bluetooth keyboard is the weakest security link? Are we talking about a computer in a house with windows to the outside, neighbors who know much less about computers than you do, very little high-value data, and all the other usual parameters?

Posted by Leonard at Wed May 14 2008 09:14

I'm talking about a scenario where a *non-Bluetooth* wireless keyboard is the weakest security link. People seem pretty cavalier about them but it looks about as secure as installing a keylogger and hoping no one takes the keylogger.

I ended up buying another wired keyboard because I don't want to spend $100+ on a Bluetooth keyboard. I'd rather have a regular keyboard and Mario Kart.

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