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[Comments] (4) Request Weblog Thread #2: The first batch of request weblog entries is pretty much done, so leave a comment and tell me what to write about next.


Posted by Fafner at Fri May 23 2008 13:56

Can you concatenate a short list of word games that can be played between two or more people in their heads or with only a pen and paper? Or, better yet, give us the rules to an original Leonard-brand word game?

Posted by anonymous at Sat May 24 2008 00:17

This makes me picture Leonard in a Scrabble grandmaster tournament; where the players don't even need to have tiles or a board.

Posted by Evan at Sat May 24 2008 00:18

^^^ this comment by me

Posted by Sumana at Wed May 28 2008 13:37

Two requests: happy memories of your mother, and REST-oriented analysis of public APIs.

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