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[Comments] (1) Misreadings: So now I've written two stories ("John Versus the Sreps" and the new one) where I write an ending where something happens (a radical concept, I know), and someone reads it and thinks I wrote an ending where the exact opposite thing happened. This is called dramatic irony, but it usually happens to the characters, not the person writing the story.

It often happens that a misreading is more interesting than what I wrote originally and I end up changing the story. I wrote a whole song based on a mondegreen I heard in a Weezer song ("Disco Noose"). And as long as I'm on the topic of Weezer songs, Sumana and I agree that "Beverly Hills" is a much more interesting song if you replace the line "Rolling like a celebrity" with our mondegreen "Ordering the soup of the day".

Update: Kind of a simple one, but I just referred to Burn After Reading as Burn Before Reading. There are at least two ways that's a better title.

[Comments] (2) : It's been a while since I just posted a link to a weblog for you, so here's Back of the Cereal Box, with all the video game minutiae you've come to expect from News You Can Bruise (if you know of a third weblog that's discussed Birdo's shifting sexuality, please send me the link--to the weblog, I mean; I don't want to read another entry on that topic), except delightfully written by not me. I discovered this weblog a while back because the author linked to the Eater of Meaning, which is undergoing one of its periodic rediscoveries by the Internet.


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