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Legend of the Tomb of Fate: Do you like tombs? How about fate? Adam P. has the procedurally-generated door game for you!

I played for a while until I was killed by a vicious TypeError. Since you play in a terminal instead of at 2400 baud, the repetitive nature of those games is immediately apparent instead of being doled out over many weeks. Despite this there are some good game mechanics I haven't seen anywhere else. There's the randomly-generated elemental affinities, and also the way you can commission magic items of any given power for a large fee, after which they're available in the shop for a smaller fee.

Not only does the game use the random magic item data from my justly neglected non-masterpiece The Knapsack Problem, it ups the ante with a bestiary and a large list of possible in-game currencies, many taken from other games, like acorns, bells, buckazoids, zorkmids, and New Yen. Some currencies missing from Adam's list: Euros, Whuffie, meat, slips/strips/bars of latinum, simoleons, megabucks, quatloos, steel pieces, mills, and Monopoly dollars. No need to thank me, I'm just doing someone else's job.

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