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[Comments] (1) Music Piracy Minute: For no real reason except my computer just played it at random, I've started hosting there's a mirror on my grave, one of my favorite Jake Berendes songs. Go ahead and download it; I'm 96% sure (Update: 100% sure) Jake won't mind, and you've been looking a little pale lately. Pale in a peculiar way that indicates you need to listen to some nerd rock. This goes double for Jake himself.

As always, Jake's music comes highly recommended and is unjustly obscure. I've got an extra copy of Foreign Policy somewhere actually, which I should give to someone.

Bonus: if you grab a copy of Ordem E Progresso, you'll get "susanna's webpage", the only song that's fan fiction about my sister's weblog.

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Posted by jacob at Tue Jun 17 2008 23:36

i'm jacob berendes and i approve this download.

also, thank you

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