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[Comments] (1) Be Nice And Clean: Happy solstice. My plan was to show you a picture of this can of Malaysian shaving cream we have. Sumana got it from a friend who was moving back to Singapore, thinking I might like it. I don't like it because it's lemon-lime scented. It's shaving cream that smells like something you'd eat. I'm pretty sure they eat limes in Malaysia, so it's not a cultural thing. What the hell, folks. Here's a review that indicates it's a shaving cream for chicks.

Sumana reading this says "I'm interested in hearing why your plan didn't work." Well, my plan did work, and another thing that happened was that Helen Monroe from O'Reilly sent me a copy of the Korean translation of RESTful Web Services, a translation I'd never even heard of. So you get a double-barreled blast of pictures of things that originated in Asia. Note how nice the new Korean copy looks next to my beat-up English copy. That book used to look like this! Then I used it a bunch.

[Comments] (2) Eavesdropping: A year ago I eavesdropped on Rachel Chalmers's computer. I regret nothing!


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