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[Comments] (2) : I heard a rumor that there was a recent NYCB entry that Evan hadn't left a comment on. Rather than investigate this rumor directly I went looking for whatever time-sink was keeping him from total comment coverage. It turns out that Evan has gone the route of many regular commenters on weblogs and started his own weblog. Subscribe for cross-references between life and literature, with pictures.

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Posted by Evan at Tue Jun 24 2008 07:33

Hah! Thanks for the link!

Now your crew can come hang out and post comments on my blog bbs (easy ul/dl ratio, doors coming soon, sysop likes to chat!)

Posted by Evan at Tue Jun 24 2008 07:37

Well i used a strike tag on the 'blog' part above, which would have been funny (as though i had scratched out blog in favor of bbs, showing the closeness of the two terms) instead of 'blog bbs' which conveys a different notion altogether.

All of this is to say:
Leonard add some tag support up in here@!

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