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[Comments] (1) : Tonight we had a date night at Mundo, a local restaurant that was really weird and not that good when we ate there in 2006 or whenever with Adam and Sabrina. But they change their menu every season and I'd heard good things about their Red Sonja appetizer. Certainly more dishes should be named after comic book characters. Anyway, by now they've got their act together so I recommend it.

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Posted by Evan at Wed Jun 25 2008 11:01

oh hey an entry i've not commented on yet..

I'll just mention as a side story: I have an aunt named Sonya who married a man who *loved* comic books (and Calvin and Hobbes, and computers, he was (and is) basically *awesome* and his name is James) and that had a Red Sonja poster in their living room.

I remember it clearly but it may just be something I've put there after the fact. I do feel like Red Sonja was a presence in their house, one way or another.

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