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[Comments] (4) Tales of Illness: My phone rang at 4 in the morning, waking me up. The caller ID said "Restricted". Uh-oh.



"You have the wrong number."


[hang up]

"That's actually the best possible way that could have gone."

On the plus side, I'm now qualified to be president.


Posted by Rachel at Fri Jun 27 2008 07:45

wait... when did you turn 35?

Posted by Leonard at Fri Jun 27 2008 10:17

I think you missed the joke because you've been out of the country. See http://youtube.com/watch?v=XyM7_Tn8cSI

Posted by Susie at Fri Jun 27 2008 10:25

I missed the joke too. V. funny now that I get it.

Posted by Rachel at Sun Jun 29 2008 06:45

I'm still not entirely sure I get it...

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