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[Comments] (2) Mega Man 9: Coming soon! Surely Adam P. will be pleased. In honor of the revamping of the series I created Mega Man MMVIII, the latest Crummy feature, which pits Mega Man against random nouns. While testing I got Nerve Man, Daughter-In-Law Man, Zirconium Man, Sin Man, King-Of-The-Salmon Man, and the deadly Programmer Man. Enjoy! Comes complete with rarely-seen gynoid code.

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Posted by wynand at Tue Jul 01 2008 09:49

Potentially a good use of time: code that makes Mega Man's little eyes adjust to look at whichever randomly-generated Robot Master name you're mousing over (per MM3, I think)

Posted by Leonard at Tue Jul 01 2008 12:54

I think you might put a lower value on my time than I do.

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