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[Comments] (4) : Why would a day tripper only buy a one-way ticket?


Posted by Evan at Sun Jul 13 2008 22:13

and a ticket to rye no less...

(yah yah origin of a different beatles song)

Posted by Fafner at Sun Jul 13 2008 22:42

So he can walk back for his health.

Posted by Evan at Mon Jul 14 2008 07:43

well a quick listen reveals this day tripper isn't the kind of girl to settle down.

i reckon only girls who are already-settled-down are keen to buy a ticket back home ... and she is still hmm 'exploring' as it were, lots of one way tickets (and probably some baggage)

Posted by Adam Kaplan at Wed Jul 16 2008 22:08

It's all a political metaphor for the Bay of Pigs incident. Those crazy Beatles and their counter-cultural diatribes. Only that "one way ticket" line gives away the allegory.

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