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[Comments] (3) B5 Silliness: "Come, Captain. The greatest nightmare of our time is waiting for you."

S: "At Vorlon Farms."

L: "Vorlons? In Berkeley? ffshffshwhrrmngffsh Yes."

(Needs so much hyperlinking I don't even know if I should post it, but it made Sumana snort-laugh.)

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Posted by Riana at Tue Jul 15 2008 21:44

I laughed and did not need to click on any of the hyperlinks kindly provided!

Posted by Evan at Tue Jul 15 2008 23:11

I clicked on the kindly-provided links but did not laugh. I watch the laughter of others at a distance, looking at the tops of my shoes.

Posted by Leonard at Wed Jul 16 2008 08:01

I think this conclusively demonstrates that you had to be there, for some very diffuse sense of "there" that includes being in the SF area in the early 2000s.

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