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[Comments] (4) : ZZT returns! In the web browser. Sort of. (Pushers + sliders == ZZT, by the Fundamental Theorem of ZZT.) It's The Tombs of Asciiroth, but the name is misleading; this is another in the still-strangely-small trickle of Unicode Roguelikes. Live the frustation!

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Posted by Zack at Wed Aug 13 2008 00:55

I wandered around for a while getting shot at by triffids and being frustrated by color-coded locked doors. Where the heck are all the weapons?

Posted by Nathaniel at Wed Aug 13 2008 03:02

OH NOES SPOILERS: There's a cave down towards the bottom of the map where you can get a crowbar and a key, and then the key lets you open a door in the middle of the map that has a sword inside a crate. Which you need, for example, to explore the cave on the island on the upper-left part of the map, b/c it has guards in it. But then I couldn't solve one of the puzzles because it involved throwing rocks, and an inaccessible enemy kept dodging in front my rocks and thus blocking them from hitting the switch -- and you don't get any extra rocks. So I'm not convinced it's solvable without being able to save, which I can't.

Yes, I should be doing something else.

Posted by Jeremy Penner at Wed Aug 13 2008 12:55

I would have thought that the Fundamental Theorem of ZZT would have included some mention of a level editor and scripting language. Now THAT'S something I'd be super-excited to see on the web.

Posted by Leonard at Wed Aug 13 2008 13:13

I suppose you think Turing machines should be able to write to the tape, too!

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