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Munitions Other Than Fun: In celebration of Futurismic's deal with FeedBooks to... convert stories to various other formats, I've put up a tiny web page for "Mallory", which I'll use to track anything interesting that happens to the story in the future. Right now I'm just hosting a plain-text version of the story, in case someone ever manufactures an e-book reader capable of handling that exotic format.

In semirelated news of things happening to my stories, my bizarre short-short "Panspermia Cannon" was reprinted some time ago in an online mag called Infinity's Kitchen. It's in issue #1, in case you want to see the same words laid out better--and really, why else would you be reading this entry that's all about format-shifting?

Oh, also, my former writing group colleague N.K. Jemisin sold a story to Baen's Universe, except it's hardly worth mentioning compared to her three-novel book deal.

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