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: While I wait for the dubbed edition of GameCenter CX to come out on DVD, I've been watching Frankomatic's "Obscure Game Theater", a mile-long series of YouTube videos in which the aforementioned Frankomatic gives retro games his ganbatte best, except with more cursing than you get from Shinya Arino.

While watching one of these videos I realized that A Boy and His Blob, possibly the NES game to combine the coolest concept with the worst execution, takes place in New Jersey. You start off looking at what seems to be the Empire State Building across a body of water, and as you run to the right (ie. south) you see the Manhattan skyline with the World Trade Center at the far right. It's a very nice graphic, actually, probably digitized from a photo (Wikipedia and the SEC agree that Absolute Entertainment was based in New Jersey). I think the game is supposed to take place in Brooklyn instead of Hoboken, because it's got a subway station, but basic directionality says the game board is to the west of Manhattan.

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