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[Comments] (2) "A large bubble rises to the surface and pops": The bathroom sink was draining slowly. I didn't want to buy a plunger or a specialized drain-cleaning chemical so I tried some Bill Nye the Science Guy-level science and made a fourth grade science fair in the sink. I poured some baking soda into the sink and washed it down with a minimum of water. Then I poured in some vinegar. It bubbled. Eventually I shut the drain in hopes that the CO2 would build up pressure in the pipes and eject whatever was clogging the drain, but it didn't seem to be necessary. The sink works fine now.

Unlike more common uses of the deadly vinegar/baking soda combo, this would actually be a good fourth-grade science fair project.


Posted by Susie at Wed Aug 20 2008 18:30

Woo hoo! Congrats. I just removed paint drips from our bathroom floors with nail polish remover. I can't believe it took me 10 months to think of that.

Posted by Rachel at Thu Aug 21 2008 05:59

i did that all the time with our nasty drain at pelham road. hurray for baking soda and vinegar!

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