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[Comments] (1) : If you're up on your Anathem gossip you'll know that the book (or, at least, the Advance Reader's Copy) comes with a CD of nice acapella chant music. What has been somewhat obscured by descriptions of this music is that each piece doesn't just have a fancy math-related title, it actually is a piece of math. Usually a description of a cellular automaton, or a proof represented in some bizarre musical Gödel-encoding. And what I didn't know until Mirabai emailed me is that the scores for these songs are being published by their author, David Stutz.

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Posted by Fafner at Thu Aug 28 2008 15:11

He also explains some of his pieces in more detail on his blog, like this representation of the Adrakhonic Theorem: http://synthesist.net/music/2008/08/mohr-mascheroni-math-in-the-music-of-anathem/

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