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[Comments] (1) : Apropos today's Dinosaur Comics cartoon about abrupt sex changes I emailed Ryan to tell him about a movie I'd seen in India. There were no subtitles but I got the gist of it:

[A] guy was a jerk to women, and ended up getting hit on the head with a statue of Shiva [on second thought, maybe it was just a random statue -LR]. He had a dream where Shiva and Parvati lectured him, and when he woke up he'd been turned into a woman. It was wacky! But then he slept with his best friend or something, and got pregnant! And then the girl he was a jerk to framed him for the murder of his male self! He went to jail! He was about to give birth when we got to the airport and I stopped watching the movie.

Unfortunately it's difficult for me to search for this movie because some subset of these things happens in almost every Bollywood movie. This was just the one that had it all.

Ryan's friend Priya knew the movie! It's called Mr Ya Miss, and Priya comments: "It is the worst movie ever." Also, apparently the blow to the head actually killed the protagonist, and the scene with Shiva and Parvati was a reincarnation interview. I don't think reincarnation is supposed to give you a fully mature new body, but Parvati works in mysterious ways her wonders to perform. And how can you say a movie is the worst ever when the main character gets killed fifteen minutes into the movie? I've been waiting for that for years!

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